WAR SCHOOL – 30th April, 7.30pm at Hereford meeting house

WAR SCHOOL. To be screened 30th April, 7.30pm at Hereford meeting
house, 21 King Street, HR4 9BX

This is a new production mainly about the increasing military presence
in schools and other places frequented by young people. Alone in
Europe the UK still recruits at 16. There is a growing movement to
encourage children to be interested in making a career in the
military. But this film is not just for parents. Many other associated
areas are examined. I have watched it myself and found it to contain
excellent choices of source materials. This is not someone lecturing.
The evidence from life is on the screen. Whatever anyone’s point of
view, I am convinced all could learn more about what is going on, from
this film. The point is made that Britain has been making war
continuously, and the probable future is not what most of us would
want it to be.

There are inputs from Veterans for Peace, Movement for the Abolition
of War, and Forces Watch, as well as from QPSW and Quakers.

Questions or offers of help to john.meaford@smquakers.org.uk

A poster for this event can be downloaded – please click here.

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