Travel to the Pales on the 8th of June

Travel to the Pales on the 8th of June for the Area Meeting Fellowship Day on Sustainability.

Anne Adams has shared some details regarding the CO2 emissions.
35 people came, in 13 cars,  1 electric, 2 hybrid, 5 diesel, 5 petrol.
4 came by bus, 1 by bike and train 
I used 2 different methods of calculating the C02 emissions, one came to about  450 kg and one to  about 700 kg  !  It is a very subjective estimate.

Conclusions: sharing cars does help.  Bus produces  much more emissions than train, and as it was largely empty they are  disappointingly high.  Electric car best of all.
There are many calculators available on the internet – this is just one example.

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