The Quaker way: some things to read


Geoffrey Durham, Being a Quaker, a guide for newcomers, 2011. Very readable and accessible, with suggestions for further reading and other sources of information.

Harvey Gillman, A light that is shining. 1988 (many reprints)

Gerald Priestman, Coming Home, 2003

George Gorman, Introducing Quakers,1969 (many reprints)

Geoffrey Hubbard, Quaker by convincement

More information is on the website: quakers

Quaker Faith and Practice is the basic reference book (5th edition 2013) for both Quaker experience and beliefs, and Quaker organisation.   It starts with Advices and Queries (also available separately): 42 paragraphs of wise advice accumulated over three centuries.

Some books on various aspects of Quakerism:

Quaker Meetings for Worship

George Gorman, The amazing fact of Quaker worship, 1973, reprinted 2010

Quakers worldwide

Ben Pink Dandelion, An Introduction to Quakerism, 2007, Comprehensive, with good Further Reading list

Ben Pink Dandelion, The Quakers, a very short introduction,   2008. A shorter version of the above

Quaker writing and thinking

The Quaker Testimonies (short pamphlet), 2003   see also

Geoffrey Durham, The Spirit of Quakers, an anthology of Quaker writing, 2010

John Punshon, Testimony and tradition, some aspects of Quaker spirituality, Swarthmore Lecture 1990

Ben Pink Dandelion, Open for transformation: being Quaker,  Swarthmore Lecture 2014

Patricia A Williams, Quakerism. A theology for our time, 2008

Quaker History

Cecil W Sharman, George Fox and the Quakers, 1991

John Punshon, Portrait in grey, a short history of the Quakers. 1984

Quaker life past and present

Gerald Hewitson, Journey into life. inheriting the story of early friends. Swarthmore lecture 2013

Quakers and the world today

Pam Lunn, Costing not less than everything. Sustainability and spirituality in challenging times. Swarthmore Lecture 2011

Rachel Brett, Snakes and ladders, a personal exploration of Quaker work on human rights and the United Nations. Swarthmore lecture 2012

The Swarthmore Lectures. The annual Swarthmore lecture is organised by the Quaker Woodbrooke study centre and is given at the annual gathering of Quakers: Britain Yearly Meeting. Each lecture is on a subject relevant to Quakers, and is available as a book. Recent lectures can also be heard on the internet:

Library News December 2017

We have had many kind gifts in the Autumn.

One of the most interesting is from the author Peter Lucas, The Rise of the Quakers, which is about the history of the meeting at Preston Patrick in Lancashire. This gives new insight into the developed of the movement in the north west of England and particularly the role of the Seekers.

Another gift was from a local author, Philip Adams, but not about Ludlow Quakers. His book is about the conscientious objectors in Briton Ferry, an industrial parish in South Wales, formerly an independent parish council but now a part of the borough of Neath. This account details the resistance to military conscription and war, which involved not only the inhabitants but also the leading politicians, suffragettes and philosophers of the period. For instance Keir Hardie, MP for Merthyr, pacifist and Christian Socialist, visited and spoke as did Bertrand Russell. Philip Adams traces the names and gives the biographies of the resisters and the objectors of Briton Ferry. I recommend it. It raises the question of what went on in Ludlow at the same time?

The Library has been given a number of books by an unknown donor. Whoever it was, I would like to thank the donor very much.

They are :-

George Lakey, 12345 Toward a living revolution for creating radical social change. First published in 1987 .

Leo Tolstoy What then must we do

Polly Toynbee and David Walker Dismember How the attack on the state harms us all 2017

Alistair McIntosh, Soil and Soul

Finally Pink Dandelion, Making our connections : a spirituality of travel An ideal book to take on a journey or short holiday.

The Quaker Centre at Friends House, Euston Road, London (opposite Euston station) has a wide range of books for sale (not exclusively Quaker) and a café:

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