The Pales Quaker Meeting House development proposals.

The Pales Quaker Meeting House development proposals.

As you may know, the Pales Management Group has now submitted its proposals to Powys Planning Department and they are available for comment on line.  Any support you feel able to give us, through responding on line on the official Powys website, would be much appreciated.

The proposals are intended to give this important historic site a sustainable future without compromising its special character.  Briefly, the proposals comprise the refurbishment of the cottage, adapted to include some visitor accommodation as well as provide a home for a warden, the creation of a new mobility-restricted accessible side entrance to the Meeting House, an addition to the toilet block to provide cooking and eating facilities for campers and visitors, a rebuilt woodshed, and the installation of three discreetly sited shepherd’s huts for overnight accommodation.  Much thought has been given to the greenest and most economical ways of providing heating.

The plans are displayed in the Meeting House and are also accessible on line.

To visit the site please click here.

This will take you to the list of applications ( there are 28 documents) You can select which you want to look at.

Click on ‘make a comment’ ( you can choose between  object/support/neutral).  There is a list of possible negative responses to choose from or ignore, and at the bottom a space for your  comments.

Over recent years it has become clear that the Pales has much to offer; in addition to its continuing use as a place of worship, it is a venue for community gatherings, weddings , funerals, cultural activities, study groups and concerts.  It attracts visitors both from the local area and from across Wales and the Marches, and it is increasingly recognised as a tourist destination, appreciated for its historical interest, its peace and tranquillity and the stunning views from its hillside site.

We hope that you will find it interesting to look at the detailed proposals drawn up by our architects, Simmonds Mills, and that you will join with us in supporting our plans for the future.

Pales Management Group, Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting

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