Role Descriptions

All of the role descriptions are currently under review and anyone wanting to see any of them can contact Kate Robertson for a copy.

Introduction to Role Descriptions.

The Southern Marches Area Meeting Role Descriptions were created in 2017-2019, with much help from the current role holders at that time and from information gathered from Area Meetings in other parts of the UK. They can all be improved, in many respects.  In particular, it would be good to see some more reflections added on how it has been to serve in the role, for example, what spiritual gains have been experienced and what challenges overcome, and where support has been discovered.

There is a form below that Friends can complete if they feel there is something that they can add, or something that needs to be changed. Please feel welcome to contribute. The role descriptions will be updated as changes need to be made – this means that the most up to date version will always be the version on this page.

If you have a role description dating back to the time you were consulted about it – please would you delete it from your computer, and not use it, because it will almost certainly have been updated by now.

Please feel free to use these documents in discerning names for appointment, in talking to potential role holders, and in helping new, or perhaps even existing, role holders to better understand their responsibilities. They should help to explain the circumstances that apply to the role, such as where practical and loving support is to be found.

They are not job descriptions, in the sense that a job description is issued to an employee in paid employment, although we will hear them referred to as such. They are not contracts of any kind, they simply offer a guide to the nature of the role.

Please complete this form if you feel there is something that you can add, or something that needs to be changed. Please feel welcome to contribute.

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