Red Flag over Bermondsey – The Ada Salter Story

7.30pm on Saturday 28th November – Melville Theatre, Abergavenny

Red Flag over Bermondsey

The Ada Salter Story

Written and Performed by Lynn Morris

Directed by Dave Morris

(A flier for this event can be downloaded here.)

Where to start with Ada Salter?  She was a true radical, campaigner for equal rights, socialist, republican, pacifist, environmentalist, trade union activist and a leading light in the transformation of the Bermondsey slums in the early part of the twentieth century.

Born into Methodism, she became a Quaker in 1914. She and her GP husband, Alfred Salter dedicated their lives to the people of Bermondsey, living and working right in the heart of their community – and having to accept the tragic consequences of their choice. 

Ada broke through the glass ceiling of her time, becoming both the first woman councillor in London and then the first woman mayor.

Red Flag over Bermondsey explores both the private and the public lives of Ada from 1909 until 1922, interwoven with her beloved Ira Sankey hymns and her passion for Handel.

The performance lasts 65 minutes without interval and will be followed by refreshments and an opportunity for discussion.

Entrance is free

Donations are invited to support Lynn and Dave’s work with the Women’s Co-operative of Seir, West Bank, Palestine.

To reserve a seat please email

pennymharding at  (please replace the at with the @ symbol)

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