Pity of War maquette at Portsmouth

The latest loan of a maquette of the Pity of War sculpture to the Royal Navy museum in Portsmouth. It’s the first time that it has been exhibited in a location with military connections.
The installation of the Pity of War maquette at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth Historic Dockyard in front of HMS Victory.

1 thought on “Pity of War maquette at Portsmouth

  1. Barbara Mark

    The Pity of War sculpture recognises the plight of non combatants during war. It recognises their voiceless suffering and their invisibleness to the progress of war.
    It is so good to see the court case succeed in relation to the sales of arms to Saudi Arabia where non combatants have suffered terribly, trapped between waring sides.
    It was also good to hear civilian suffering and deaths mentioned during the BBC coverage of D-Day landings. Maybe the work of Peter Walker, the sculpture of the above, and artists in residence at Lichfield Cathedral, is a part of the awakening of public awarness that war does not just have military victims.
    Peter has always given reverence to the loss and terrible consequences to combatants and it is good to see this sculpture at Portsmouth Dockyard National Museum becasue it shows the military also give reverance to the non combatants caught up in the destruction during war.


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