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July 2019

‘Fuelling our Lives’ and ‘Energy Choice Cards’

John Senior has shared with us the files for the games he presented at the Climate Justice Fellowship Day at the Pales. They are very relevant to all of us who are trying to reduce our carbon Footprint, something that is at the forefront of our considerations for the development of the Pales buildings. The games came from Gwen Prince, who used them at a recent Sustainability Day for Mid Wales Area Meeting. They will also be available from the Area Meeting website.

Download Fuelling our Lives – click here.

Download Energy Choice Cards – click here.

December 2018

Plastic Free Abergavenny.

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Roger Bartlett’s report on the most recent Meeting for Sufferings advises us that AMs are being encouraged to consider signing the COP23 statement of intention of all faith groups.

The text of the statement can be found here.

January 2018.

Marches Christian Environmental Network (M-CENT)

Southern Marches Area Quaker Meeting is affiliated to Marches Christian Environmental Network (M-CENT). We have been sent a copy of the Draft Minutes from their December meeting – to read the full Minutes please click here

Of particular interest is the item on Eco Churches, reproduced below.

Eco Church

Stephen Herbert (Finance Director for Hereford Diocese) recently met with Annie Atkins from A Rocha UK.  A Rocha are an international Christian environmental charity formed in Portugal over 30 years ago who amongst other things, are promoting ‘Eco Churches’. Their vision is ‘for churches of all denominations to care for creation as an integral part of loving their neighbours and following God faithfully. Help us bring that vision to reality by participating in Eco Church’.

Currently, there are very few churches in the UK awarded an eco status.  Stephen asked if this was something that could be promoted within the Diocese, maybe linking it in with the ‘Future Calling’ Lenten course and call to action. 

Another suggestion was a one page stewardship policy for the Diocese (along similar lines to those already existing in other dioceses). Isobel thought that the existing diocesan environmental policy written in 2006 should be updated (copy attached in email).  Mike K was aware of this policy, which had influenced decisions they had made as a church, but he felt that the Diocese no longer gave the policy enough credence.  Stephen has a copy of a similar policy made by the Diocese in Chichester, which could be used as an example for updating the Hereford policy.  Isobel also has access to 7 other examples.

Stephen was keen to offer help from the diocese, for example, by the DAC listening sympathetically to church plans that have a positive impact on the environment. Chrissie wondered if the DAC could also encourage churches to consider the environmental impact of their plans.

Stephen informed the meeting of a training event run by A Rocha UK to be held in Leicester at Holy Trinity Church on the 24th February.  It was agreed that it would be good if some representatives from MCENT attended. The following excerpt is from the A Rocha UK website:

And so on 24th February, we’ll be gathering at Holy Trinity, Leicester, to share ways of integrating care for the natural world into all of our mission. We’ll be seeing what the Bible has to say about it and finding ways to put the ideas into practical action. Bookings will open soon. But for now, save the date!”.

To read the full Minutes please click here.

Barbara Mark


UN Climate Change Conference – November 2017 – COP23. (Click here for information)

COP 23: Quakers were well represented at COP 23, held in Bonn in November.  Friends came from QUNO,, FWCC, BYM, Quaker Earth Witness (a US group), and Living Witness (UK).  An important event was the launch of a faith initiative on sustainable living.  Faith leaders committed themselves to do three things;

  • reduce their emissions from energy use
  • adopt a plant based diet, reducing food waste
  • minimise travel by automobiles and air. 

Paul Parker, Recording Clerk,  has signed this on behalf of BYM.   The initiative will be managed by Green Faith, an interfaith environmental group in New Jersey.  We are all encouraged to commit ourselves to reducing our CO2 emissions, in view of  the seriousness of the situation.

Anne Adams