New Downloads on the SMAQM website

There are several new downloadable files on the Area Meeting website.

Annual Trustees report

The 2017 Annual Trustees report has been added and this will be updated each year as new reports are issued. It is listed under Downloads – please click here.

‘Fuelling our Lives’ and ‘Energy Choice Cards’

John Senior has shared with us the files for the games he presented at the Climate Justice Fellowship Day at the Pales. They are very relevant to all of us who are trying to reduce our carbon Footprint, something that is at the forefront of our considerations for the development of the Pales buildings. The games came from Gwen Prince, who used them at a recent Sustainability Day for Mid Wales Area Meeting. They are available from the Sustainability menu on the website.

Download Fuelling our Lives – click here.

Download Energy Choice Cards – click here.

from The Pales Management Group

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