Millichap Peace Lectures

 Three talks arranged by the Millichap Peace Fund on behalf of Hereford Meeting:


25th October, 7.30pm, Hereford Meeting House: Rebecca Johnson, “Peace-building through Non- violent action and Treaty-making.”


21st February 2017, 7.30pm, Hereford Meeting House:  John Gittings:  “History of Peace Thought and its Relevance Today.”


9th May 2017, 7.30pm, Hereford Meeting House:  Gulwarli Passarlay, author of “The Lightless Sky, My Journey to Safety as a Child refugee”.



Rebecca Johnson is a peace and justice campaigner with a background of activism for women, the environment and security in Japan 1979-81, at the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp 1982-87, Greenpeace 1988-92, and with Women in Black against War (from 1989 onwards).  She founded the Acronym Institute in 1996 to work with the UN on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and other disarmament-related treaties, writing for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists and publishing the international journal Disarmament Diplomacy until 2009 (see for archives).  


Over the years Dr Johnson has been a consultant for the UN and various governments, senior advisor to the International WMD Commission, chaired by Dr Hans Blix, and co-chair of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), which she currently serves as Facilitator. She is currently CND Vice President and the Spokesperson on Security, Peace and Defence for the Green Party (England and Wales).  She is a prolific author, including ‘The Necessity to Reduce and Eliminate Nuclear Threats and Weapons in the Middle East and Internationally’, in Thomas S. Axworthy and Zafar Adeel, eds, Global Agenda 2013: Water, Energy, and the Arab Awakening, United Nations University, 2014; ‘The humanitarian impacts of nuclear weapons – an imperative for achieving nuclear disarmament’, Irish Studies in International Affairs, Volume 25, 2014; ‘Arms Control and Disarmament’ in the 2013 edition of the Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy, (OUP, 2013); Trident and International Law: Scotland’s Obligations (ed with Angie Zelter, Luath Press, 2011); Unfinished Business: The negotiation of the CTBT and the end of nuclear testing (UNIDIR 2009). Since 2010 she has been a featured writer for openDemocracy, and a commentator for BBC, CNN and other media on relevant issues.

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