Meeting House Bookings

Hereford Quaker Meeting House bookings.

Meeting Rooms bookings calendar – please click here.

Lettings contact: Judith Baresel
Phone 01432 269073


Daytime and evening room lettings details, for occasional or regular use;

The rooms are for socially useful groups and organisations.

We do not allow the consumption of alcohol or gambling (including raffles) in the Meeting House, which remains primarily a place of public worship. We do not let to political parties.

Candles are not allowed because of the fire risk.

On request you will be sent detailed Terms and Conditions. We will need details of your organisation and what the rooms are to be used for. If you wish to have more than 60 people in the Meeting House at one time please tell us, as it may be that marshals have to be arranged to comply with fire regulations.

What is offered?

A quiet pleasant comfortable building in Quaker ownership from 1820. Three rooms of different sizes, all on the ground floor, carpeted with level access to all. A kitchen with facilities for making hot drinks, but no supplies or storage for supplies. The facilities are not approved by the local authority as suitable for food preparation. The kitchen cannot be booked; it is available to all room users during the time that they are using rooms.

Two unisex toilet cubicles, one suitable for those with disabilities. This has facilities for baby changing.

There are no phone or office facilities, but wi-fi is available.

The largest room is the Meeting Room (where we hold our Sunday Meetings for Worship, from 10.00 am ). This is 9m x 9m. There is no stage. It has a hearing system.

The middle-size room we call Room 1.   This is  6.5m x 5m.  Suitable for up to 20 people. It is not available on Thursdays, midday to 2pm, as it is then used for our Midweek Meeting for Worship.

The smallest room we call Room 2.  It is  5.5m x    3.5m.   Suitable for approx. 10 people.

No rooms are available on Wednesdays before 10 am.

Please request to book a certain room or rooms on a certain date at a definite time. 

Current bookings can be viewed on the website; see Bookings Calendar.

The most satisfactory way to apply is by telephone or email. 

Charges are:

Main/Large Meeting Room

9m x 9m approx.  Seats up to 60 people.  If more are expected, please ask for details of special provisions.  You may move chairs and benches, and bring chairs and tables from other rooms, but please replace them before you leave.

Room 1

6.4m x 5m approx.  Seats up to 20 people.  There are more tables in the cupboard.

Room 2

5.5m x 3.5m approx. Seats up to 12 –  more chairs and tables may be brought in from other rooms but please return these before you leave.

Main Room

Room 1

Room 2

2 hours




3 hours




4 hours




5 hours




6 hours




7 hours




8 hours




9 hours




Lettings contact:     Judith Baresel, Phone 01432 269073