Ludlow Tuesday group

Tuesday Group.

at the Meeting House,3 to 5pm every 4th Tuesday of the month

We had our first Tuesday group on 27th March and would like to thank everyone that came. This was a time of exploration to decide what those new to Ludlow Meeting would like to do. With the help from long standing Friends much was discussed. Ursula very kindly told us about her personal journey into Quakerism.

It has been decided that this group will do the readings from Quaker Faith and Practice which had been suggested in the Preparing for Yearly Meeting booklet just sent out. This will include personal reading over three weeks but then looking at the last weeks readings with the group. John Voysey has very kindly said he will join us on April 24th because we will be reading from chapter 24, our peace testimony.

The readings are :-


Suggested passages


Chapter 28: Sharing the Quaker experience, passages 28.13 and 28.02 to 28.07


Chapter 3: General counsel on church affairs, passages 3.08 to 3.11 and 3.29 to 3.31


Chapter 16: Quaker marriage procedure, passages 16.01 to 16.07 (remember to read the up-to-date version online or published separately)


Chapter 24: Our peace testimony, passages 24.21 to 24.26 and 24.50

Everyone is welcome to come and join us.

Barbara, Esther and Bridget

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