George Floyd – Local Quakers respond

Clun Valley Quakers held a short demonstration at the centuries old ‘African’s Grave’ (see link below) in Bishops Castle churchyard, on Thursday 11th June, in support of Black Lives Matter and their demands for a more equal society.

They made the following statement:

Quakers believe in the fundamental equality of all people, and that without justice there can be no peace.

We therefore condemn the systemic racism that has led to the deaths of George Floyd and so many black people at the hands of the police in the US and here in Britain.  We are humbled by the huge contribution to our country that BAME people have made as health workers, carers, delivery drivers and service workers during the pandemic, and angry at the massive inequality they continue to face in pay, living conditions, and access to justice.

We call on the Government to urgently produce a transformational plan with clear actions to address the inequalities faced by BAME people in employment, health, housing and the law and justice system.

We support Black Lives Matter and protests across the world, and share their aspirations for real change and a fairer society.

Click here for a video of the statement.

For the background to the grave please click the link below.

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