Fostering our spiritual development

How can Local and Area Meetings foster our spiritual development?

A compilation of the suggestions groups came up with at the Area Meeting residential weekend on 21-23 February in answer to the question: “What can LMs and AM do to support our spiritual development?”

Walking group both Local and Area
Singing together
Doing things together outside Meeting context
Finding other ways of getting to know each other better
Better means of communication
AM blog strands on the website
More discussion time at AM

Make more use of Meetings for Clearness, and Threshing Meetings
More sharing and support
Stronger, more structured pastoral care, e.g. ‘The Link System’

Non-business events
Cross-fertilisations of different spiritual practices, sharing what we do
Look into opportunities for Travelling Ministry
Discussion groups or activities instead of a speaker at AM
Use of The Pales for spiritually sustaining activities
Aim for a balance of business matters and spiritual community building at AM

Experiential sharing of Spiritual Practices as at the residential weekend
Offer alternative or additional times and days for MfW
Offer more residential weekends and retreat days
Better AM communication
Sharing good practice

Establish contexts in which we can share our individual experiences and practices
Offer workshops on different type of spiritual practices
Offer facilities for ongoing support groups, spiritual friendship and mentoring
Local and Area discussion groups
Review local MfWs, how healthy are they, do they tell us anything about the LM’s spiritual ‘health’?
Elders to pay attention to individual’s needs and offer support and guidance

Encourage more people to go to AM camp perhaps by some staying in B&Bs locally instead of camping
Singing together
More spiritual input at AM business meetings
More overtly spiritual nourishment at the LM level
More all-age events, day and weekend

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