Experiment with Light – Epistle from Glenthorne

John Senior attended this conference and has shared this Epistle with us.

To all Friends everywhere!

Greetings from the Experiment with Light Conference at Glenthorne, 26-29 March 2018.

Thirty Friends from all over Britain and beyond have gathered here to explore the questions: How might we be open to the leadings of the Light? How can we support each other with trust, courage and commitment?

In our experience Experiment with Light creates a space where we can feel confident to share at a deep level. Working into our hearts deeply and looking into the hearts of others enhances our relationships – with ourselves, with each other, with our Meetings, with the world around us, and with the Light.

During our conference we were looking at the issue of how we express our Quaker faith that presently causes concern for the unity of Friends in Britain and elsewhere. We were reminded of the answer Moses received to his question who was speaking to him through the burning bush: “I am what I am” (Exodus 3:14). We encourage all Friends to rest in this ‘I am’, which is beyond reason and surpasses human understanding.

Being grounded in this inward-leading discipline helps us to enrich each other and to come to right discernment. It creates a sense of connectedness and unity that transcends differences of expression.


“In the light walk, and ye will shine.” (George Fox)


1 thought on “Experiment with Light – Epistle from Glenthorne

  1. Linda Green

    Thank you for posting this reminder John, always good to hear about Experiment with Light, it sounds like a very uplifting conference.


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