Earth Day: Loving Earth Project

The local ecumenical ‘Caring for Creation’ group will be marking Earth Day on April 22nd by hosting an exhibition of panels from the Quaker Arts Network entitled The Loving Earth Project. The project celebrates some of the wonderful things threatened by growing environmental breakdown: people, places and creatures. It is helping people to engage creatively and constructively with these issues, without being overwhelmed. It’s also a way to share positive examples of change and why people have taken action for the sake of love for our beautiful planet.

The exhibition was of 50 panels from the Quaker Loving Earth project, four from an Area Meeting weekend away where children decided what they wanted to say , and three from crafters local to Ludlow. It was displayed at Ludlow Methodist Church in Broad Street in the cafe area and church, where there was good footfall already and which was close to the town centre of Ludlow. It ran from Friday 21st to Tuesday 25th April and was stewarded by people from Quakers, the Methodists and St Laurence’s Anglican Church ( who had an art exhibition already booked when this idea was first considered).

It proved to be very successful. There were 30 to 40 people per day who visited, which was due to a wide advertising plan. All the Loving Earth project cards and books on sale went and many gave donations to the exhibition. There were very interesting conversations had and a range of panels chosen as peoples favourites. Lots of feed back forms now need to be looked at and considered toward any further action which the group can do.

Barbara Mark.

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  1. Linda Green

    How lovely to see panels from the Loving Earth Project in Ludlow, we contributed several to the Project from Abergavenny Meeting. A good form of outreach for you all in Ludlow, well done.


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