Cooking for Our Future – The Ludlow Sustainability group

Cooking for Our Future

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The Ludlow Sustainability group has produced a small recipe book to tempt people to try new dishes which aim to reduce our impact on our planet. It is called ‘Cooking for our Future’ and was made up from 21 recipes given to us by Quakers in Ludlow.

There is also a table which gives a rough estimate of the CO2 impact of foods and a short section on tips to reduce our impact even more with cooking methods.

We are asking for donations and would suggest that £2 a copy would cover the printing costs.
There will be books available at the next Area Meeting on 10
th September 2016

Please contact  Barbara Mark  at

Ludlow Sustainability group is planning to run a QPSW workshop on the thought provoking ideas for a ‘new economy’  in Spring next year. We would hope to have speakers including Steve Mandel, writer of the leaflets available from QPSW and the chair of the Ludlow Positive Money group. It would be a day event on a Saturday. To make plans on the size of venue to hire it would be most helpful if interested people could contact us. Please email Barbara at

2 thoughts on “Cooking for Our Future – The Ludlow Sustainability group

  1. Thomas Bonneville

    good idea, promoting sustainability in this way

    is the book available through Friends House Bookshop in London?


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