Changes to the 6th May Sustainability Event in Ludlow

The 6th May event at Ludlow has changed. Many apologies but we have been unable to find a speaker for the community banking talk but now have one of our own members who will tell us about the Tax Fair Town initiative instead.
Now we have an election very soon we would like to feel this event could act as a time of discernment for Friends. QPSW’s aim when producing the New Economy booklets and offering workshops was as a way of corporately discerning the Britain Yearly Meeting’s commitment in 2011. This event’s look at our economy will, as Ian Kirk-Smith has so eloquently described in his article in last weeks Friend, be covering not only trade in arms but also our energy use and tax policies. All can be described as a part of capitalism, as it is framed today. The time for exploring the issues is now so that we can all be making decisions about the way our economy should be structured in June.
Please join us and help our conversations, our journey and our discernment.
Barbara Mark from Ludlow sustainability committee.

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