Changes regarding The Pales

After much discernment, and a great deal of time spent planning and considering options, Southern Marches Area Meeting has now arrived at a resolution which we think will ensure the future of the Pales as a place of great spiritual and historical significance to Quakers*.  With the support and approval of Friends Trust Limited, The Pales was gifted to the Welsh Charity Addoldai Cymru (AC) The Welsh Religious Buildings Trust in July 2023. Quaker burials, interments and scattering of ashes in the Pales Burial Ground are safe guarded by the Deed of Transfer. AC is keen that other Quaker gatherings, for example Fellowship Days and the occasional Meeting for Worship can take place, with their prior approval.  It is hoped that Friends might be involved in other community activities based at the Pales such as gardening days and pilgrimages.   All enquiries about the Pales should now be directed to Addoldai Cymru, The Welsh Religious Buildings Trust.  

Christine Moore, Trust Manager,  writes

“As many of you will know, the Trust has to date acquired 10 Nonconformist chapel buildings across Wales and as the 11th building within our care, the Pales’ future will be secured for the Welsh nation. It will continue to be an accessible asset for many years to come, both to the local community and to Quakers, a new chapter in the life of this historic building. The Trust receives a small grant from the Welsh Government (CADW) that supports our day-to-day management, but we also rely on donations and membership of the ‘Friends of Addoldai Cymru’. If you are interested in supporting us, please find more information about subscription on our website:

To arrange use of the building in the future, please contact Addoldai Cymru at or 01656 734940.

Yours sincerely Christine Moore, Trust Manager”



Registered Charity 1084030 | Company Limited by Guarantee 3870343 Registered in Wales For more details about the background of gifting the Pales to  AC see the article in The Friend published  4th August 2023

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