Art group dabble day 2014

Art Group Dabble Day 2014

Art Group Dabble Day

As part of the Ludlow Festival Fringe activities we held a Dabble Art Day in the Meeting House on 28 June 2014. There was an exhibition of paintings and cards for sale, a demonstration and activities to try. Richard, our watercolour wizard, encouraged wet into wet watercolour. Murri enticed everyone and helped visitors to make a zentangle tile. Opportunities to be creative with paint and no brushes were roll-a-ball, string things, sponge and collage rags and these  soon had all ages involved. I was unsure about how we could hang the paintings and how to protect the carpet. These problems were solved with help from Rob, Nic and David. Thank you to Annie, Barbara, Bridget, Jaqui, Jan and Pat for their help and support on the day.

This was the first time we have used the Meeting House to stage this kind of event and we have proved that it can be done.


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