Alternatives to Violence – setting up a local group.

Alternatives to Violence (Britain)

(from Sarah Lane, Evesham Meeting)

Many of you will know about AVP but for those who don’t it was set up (by Quakers) in a New York prison in the 70’s after a request by some of the older inmates for something to help the younger ones deal with conflict in a better way.

It spread across America in prisons and in the community and is now run worldwide in more than 50 countries. It is no longer a Quaker organisation but many Quakers are still very involved.

AVP Britain became a separate charity in 80’s and we have regional areas who organise the workshops.

I became involved several years ago and became a facilitator two years ago.

I have done workshops in London, Manchester and Chester and several in Berwyn super prison in Wales.

I am keen to get them into Long Lartin and am working on that at the moment.

We no longer have a Midlands regional group as the last person had to give up through ill health. It would be lovely to get it going again but I am only too aware that it’s a big project and I couldn’t do it alone. I am also going to be part of the National prison’s group.

At Berwyn near Wrexham the Local AM set up a support group in order to be able to offer regular workshops there. Maybe that would be a starting point.

Is there anybody out there who would be interested in finding out more and possibly joining a group? You wouldn’t have to get trained as a facilitator necessarily there are lots of support roles.

Do contact me if you have an interest in this. I could run a taster workshop initially to demonstrate what we do or we could simply meet up and decide a way forward.

Many thanks

Sarah Lane, Evesham Meeting

Email – scalane1949 at

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