Quaker Week

Every year we hold a national Quaker Week when Quakers tell the wider community about our faith and how it shapes our daily life and witness in the world.

Up and down the country Quakers will offer the usual warm welcome to anyone who wants to share in the stillness of Quaker worship. Quakers will be ready to share their personal journeys and to say how we put faith into action to work for social and political change. Quakers’ commitment to peace, equality, truth, simplicity and non-violence led them to help set up charities like Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Oxfam and Campaign Against the Arms Trade, and more recently to initiate Circles of Support and Accountability, pioneering work to enable sex-offenders to live safely in society without re-offending.

As every week, visitors are welcome to join in our Meeting for Worship, on Sunday at 10:30.