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Ludlow Journal, April 2022

This Journal will publish anything that Friends think is of interest; so its range
may be very wide. If you find it too long, select only what interests you from
the Table of Contents. Please contact Barbara Mark if you would like to have
something included or wonder if you have a subject that might be of interest.
It will be published on-line only and will come out when enough articles have
been gathered in. Comments and letters to the editor are also welcome.
Do remember if this copy is pdf you can listen to it via Windows 10 ‘read
aloud’ option at the top of the sheet.
page 2. Dori Ericsson
page 4. Truth and Integrity conference details
page 4. Fairtrade Fortnight report
page 6. Books for Dementia
page 6. Hereford Green Christian Group
page 7. Climate Cafe report and Avaaz
page 9. Wildlife Trusts
page 10. Recipes; Fruit salad and Blueberry and Pecan muffin cake
page 11. Ukraine and Prayer
page 14. House prices
page 15. Government Bills concerning Refugees
Many thanks to everyone who has helped me on this issue.

Download the April Journal here